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Are You Drinking REAL Tea?

Vyshak 14/06/2020 Top Tea Tips

Most tea consumers around the world are currently consuming DUST tea without their knowledge! One of our missions at Tchaba is to raise awareness of REAL tea.


What is the difference between dust tea and real tea?

Instant dust tea is produced from machines that cut the leaves, scaling the farm with minimal consistency and accuracy. This results in crushed tea leaves mixed with dust, twigs, and insects! They are later grounded down into fine powder that has bitter taste and no health benefits due to the essential oils evaporating from all the crushing. Factories fix this by adding artificial flavors, colors, and scents

That’s not all, the tea bags that carry this tea are manufactured by using a paper material that is BLEACHED at least 3 to 6 times in order to achieve the well-known white tea bag! They are then stapled and/or glued together.

So many of us have been consuming this, believing we are nourishing our bodies when in fact we have been drinking dust.



Real tea is produced from carefully hand-picking full leaf teas. Only picking the good quality tea leaves ready for harvest. The full leaf teas are gathered in a padded basket to prevent the leaves from breaking, which is the start of the process made to maintain the quality and freshness of the tea. 


At Tchaba, we go the extra mile to provide the same quality full-leaf loose teas in our artisanal sachets. 

How do we do this?

The Tea sachet is made from 100% biodegradable, natural, and plastic-free corn-leaf fiber and is carefully hand-stitched using pure Egyptian cotton, keeping it free from staples and glue. In this way, they maintain their freshness and since machines aren’t used to pack them, they ensure zero contamination. Hand-made sachets avoid even the slightest breakage of the leaves which might occur on a conveyor belt of the machine and thus preserve the full length of the tea leaves. Each individual sachet is made with extreme care and precision. It is very important to be careful not to break the full leaf teas in order to maintain all their essential oils, in other words maintaining the pure health benefits of the tea.The labels contain food-grade ink, keeping it free from harmful chemicals


The Tchaba Sachet is one of the world’s few truly artisanal bags made fully by hand

Why do we go through all this trouble? 

With the Tchaba Sachet, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. 

The Artisanal sachet is the perfect solution for a consistent, convenient, and a fresh pot of tea that is rich with flavor, aroma, and most importantly healthy antioxidants… Every time!

Enjoy the same quality of tea you would have in a 5-star hotel from the comfort of your home. Conveniently!

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