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Our Story

CEO Tariq Al Aruri Shares Tchaba's Beginning

My journey started with Tchaba in 2006 after visiting a tea store in Marrakech, Morocco. What caught my attention and intrigued me was not only the wide variety of tea and natural herbs, but the extent of my ignorance about the world of tea, which was and still is my favorite drink. After spending a few hours with the store owner, I decided to transfer this culture to the Arab world for the benefit of millions of tea lovers, starting with my dear mother.

Uncertain of the quality of the product, I initially turned to luxury hotels in Dubai that admired not only the quality of the tea but also its distinctive blends inspired by our Arab world and its ancient traditions.

With the passage of time, Tchaba has grown in popularity and planned to expand past the UAE border to reach all Arab and foreign countries as well.

Today, we put in your hands our product and the outcome of our trip in the world of tea and luxury hospitality to enjoy an experience of ancient tea from the comfort of your home and benefit from its health benefits with your family and guests.

Our message is

“Introducing the culture of authentic tea to millions of homes in our Arab world and making it an integral part of our daily life.”

 The meaning of the word Tchaba is tea leaves in Japanese

Tchaba tea consists of hand-picked tea leaves from the finest plantations from Japan to Kenya, including India, China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.

Tchaba tea promises a unique aromatic experience that lasts and remains to the end with a blend of 48 balanced blends and delicately hand-wrapped in silk aromatic bags.

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